• History

    In 2008, Dexterity Global was founded with the mission to power the next generation of leaders. To fulfil this mission, the organization started out building DexChallenges — talent identification platforms — so that young children can be identified at a young, offered educational opportunities and resources and groomed further, enabling them to become leaders and role models for their communities.


    Between 2008 and 2014, DexChallenges offered over 772,000 students across India a platform and led to the founding of several institutions and programs that Dexterity Global built over the years. The research and experience gained from building and running DexChallenges paved the way for a mechanism to identify and groom next generation leaders.


    Dexterity Global launches Dexterity 2008 Annual Edition — the first DexChallenge for students in the Indian state of Bihar. Over 12,000 students from 20 schools participated.


    The second edition of Dexterity goes live. Participation of schools and students goes to 41 and 50,000.


    DexChallenge goes to Jharkhand! The first physical talent identification platform for the Indian state of Jharkhand is conducted at the Indian Institute of Technology (ISM), Dhanbad.


    Online editions of DexChallenges carry an everyday tip on simple actions that can limit carbon footprint. United Nations awards World Summit Youth Award for effective use of "ICT: Information, Communication and Technology."


    DexChallenges pave the path for DexSchool—India's first school of Leadership and Entrepreneurship for teenagers—to identify and build leaders from a young age.


    DexChallenge is open-sourced for Dexterity alumni. Greenpreneurship Challenge — the first open-sourced DexChallenge — is conducted at the Indian Institute of Technology at Banaras Hindu University in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.


    Included among "100 Next Century Innovations" by The Rockefeller Foundation.


    Dexterity Global launches 17 Under 17 — a model DexChallenge for the Indian state of Bihar, building a talent identification framework for educational institutions to follow. Over 250,000 people engage in the voting process to pick the "17 Under 17" for the state.

    2015 - 2o19

    DexChallenges pave the way for future institutions and organizations that Dexterity Global builds. The research and experience gained from running DexChallenges led to the foundation of several institutions and programs that the organization built since its founding.


    A nationwide DexChallenge is in the making! The New DexChallenge will challenge young people to identify and build solutions for the most pressing problems of our times.